KhaiEL has been committed to the development of new environmental treatment processes for the past 15 years with its scientific R&D core distribution mainly in Germany, South Korea, United States, China, and Malaysia.

Over the years, KhaiEL has promoted various innovative environmental processes in different countries around the world including industrial wastewater treatment, river and lake water treatment, soil remediation, heavy metal soil remediation, agricultural land remediation, and sustainable eco-farming in order to preserve the "Environment" & "Ecology".

No Creature, not even swine, befouls its nest with such abandon as does homo sapiens, poisoning his habitat with fiendishly concocted chemicals and their deadly toxic waste.
A morass of rotting human flesh awaits us all unless the antidotes are rapidly applied.

Peter Tompkins/ Christopher Bird, 1998


EARTH FOODS The Pure Eco-Revitalizer

Be Kind to Our Land :
The Mother Earth of All Organisms

Earth Foods Eco-Revitalizer is a 100% whole food with whole nutrients. It contains nutritious substances that can be fully absorbed by plants without any ­fillers, additives and clay.
KhaiEL set his ultimate goal to produce high quality foods' for crops, which contains the whole spectrum of necessary nutrition, including natural biochemical substances, active substances, minerals, nutrients, enzymes and bacteria.

Apart from actively involving in R&D in agriculture industry, KhaiEL has also invested in banana plantation turning ourselves into farmers......


New Normal antimicrobial coating

protect your life from bacteria and viruses

Microbial contamination is one of today's biggest problems affecting human life and one of the largest challenges for your health, environment and well-being. KhaiEL GmbH has developed a long lasting nanocoating with long-term disinfectant properties. Once applied to a surface, the coating long lasting inactivates harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi and blocks further growth. Due to the intelligent and unique formula, the coating provides an easy-clean, non-stick surface.