Be Kind to Our Land: The Mother Earth of All Organisms

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Earth Foods Eco-Revitalizer is a 100% whole food with whole nutrients. It contains nutritious substances that can be fully absorbed by plants without any fillers, additives and clay. KhaiEL set his ultimate goal to produce high quality foods' for crops,which contains the whole spectrum of necessary nutrition, including natural biochemical substances, active substances, minerals, nutrients, enzymes and bacteria.

Product Features

Improve soil quality

Improve permeability

Improve the water retention ability of the soil 

Soften the harden land

Prevention of soil erosion 

Reactivate the dormant fertilizer residue

Balance the pH value

Restoration of biodiversity

Unlocks the natural fertility of soil itself


(B) Customized Formulas:

Product customization to suit different crops nutrient requirement. Different customized formulas available for different crops variety

Paddy Rice              Banana                 Durian                 Ginger                  Oilpalm

Targeted Application

(A) For General Applications: 

Liquid Revitalizer

Solid Revitalizer

Paddy Rice




Oil Palm

Easy Application Method:

  • Solid EF Eco Revitalizer is in granular form.

  • Spread the EF granules on the farming land around the crops.

  • Avoid direct contact with the root system.

  • Activate the soil revitalizing by watering on it.

  • Adjust the dosage based on the condition of the farming land and type of crops.

  • No other additional fertilizers & fungicides are required during the soil revitalizing period.