Preventing Brand Counterfeiting

EF Bananas are mainly sold exclusively to the consumers from specialty stores instead of selling in the ordinary supermarkets or fruit & vegetable markets. The main purpose is to protect the uniqueness of EF bananas in the fruit market as well as preventing counterfeits. This is the only way to manage & control the bananas’ top quality strictly.

Customers can place orders online and pick up the goods at the local designated EF store.


Banana cultivated under natural ecosystem

Having breakthrough against the lower yield and poor quality of organic farming in the past. The farming land can be restored into wild natural environment by implementing German Earth Foods agricultural technology that makes the bananas extremely strong. Even the weeds and insects are growing numerously surrounding the banana farm, it does not affect the bananas' growth.

The rich in biodiversity is the best indication proving that the plantation has not use herbicides, fungicides and pesticides throughout the whole farming process.

Specialty store layout design

The banana specialty store is designed in a simple and stylish coffee tone where the warm wood texture harmoniously matching with the natural banana yellow tone.

Healthy Cuisine

Bananas are both fruit and food. Asian recognised banana as fruits while in South America & Africa, bananas act as their staple food. With its sweet, delicious & health goodness, banana is the major favourite in the agro-food sector.

EF Banana Oat milk

The combination of bananas with oat milk makes it a natural, fresh and nutritious breakfast.

​EF Banana Milk Shake

The combination of bananas with oat milk makes it a natural, fresh and nutritious breakfast.

EF Banana Cake

EF banana carries a strong & natural banana fragrance which enhance the scent of freshly baked banana cake. Happiness is knowing there is cake in the oven.

EF banana dessert

EF Banana as side dish can be displayed in different attractive food decoration. 

EF Banana Coffee

The combination of EF banana and coffee is always the first choice among office workers who value work efficiency and health balance.

EF Banana Pastry

EF Banana can be produced into different unique pastry varieties.


Specialty Store