1. International Sustainable Farming Model


  • KhaiEL noticed that our farming customers are the biggest beneficiaries from Earth Foods. This has driven us to become a farmer. We have invested in Bio-organic plantation industry.


  • KhaiEL AgroHub (KAH) is a results proven successful and duplicable farming model that can be established in different KhaiEL branches all around the world.


  • KAH Location : Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia 


2. Restoration, from the dying to life


  • The core spirit of Earth Foods technology is to revitalize the degraded land to make it suitable for farming.


  • KhaiEL is confident enough to purposely choose those abandoned barren land as our new farming paradise.


  • We have learned from our neighbors that this piece of barren land has failed in banana and sweetcorn plantation operating under 3 different companies for the past 7 years. They claimed that this land is no more suitable for farming.

3. Seedling to Adulthood


  • Biological Control: Earth Foods Liquid Revitalizer EF-LG1 is able to sterilize the contaminated banana seedling.


  • Major functions of EF-LG1:

  (1) Promote the speed of plant growth (accelerate plant growth up to 5-7 days ahead)

  (2) Strengthen the plant root system

  (3) Prevent “plant shock” when transplanting from polybag to ground 

4. Where There is Water, There is Life!


  • Water is the wellspring of life.


  • As an international wastewater treatment & soil remediation company, KhaiEL strongly believed that GOOD WATER and GOOD SOIL are vital in producing GOOD FOODS.

5. Biological Coexistence


  • All organism are sharing the mutual life community on earth


  • KhaiEL is not willing to sacrifice other lives (weeds) in exchange of another new life (banana). We insist to allow our crops to coexist with the nature.


  • Hence, no herbicides have been applied in this plantation as this toxin tends to kill all the organisms on this land.


  • Promoting Biodiversity: We shall bless more other lives (weeds, insects, animals) from a single life.


  • Be Fruitful & Multiply: The weeds, microorganisms, insects, animals and all the lush greens are being well preserved and co-existed in this plantation.

7. Premium Fruit Quality


  • Healthy, fresh & big bananas.


  • Finest sweetness & taste, good in texture, rich in layers with natural banana aroma.

1. Ecological Balance

      Typical characteristics of oil palm plantation after using Earth Foods Soil-Revitalizer


  • Observation: The soil has turned black gradually; Restoration of balance ecology; Emergence of Earthworm population where you can find the spherical earthworm feces everywhere on the ground.


  • Indication: The soil has turned softer with pH-balance that make it a conducive environment for microorganisms.


  • The first principle of EF Technology: To revitalize the soil before planting trees and to ensure the vitality of ecosystem in the farming land with natural breathability and functioning metabolism as a strong foundation for sustainable farming.


8. Earth Foods Banana


  • The Ultimate goal of agriculture is for FOOD; the purpose of having food is for NUTRITION; the purpose of nutrition is for GOOD HEALTH.


  • Clean water + healthy farming land = healthy food. Only the nutritious Whole Foods will produce healthy mankind.

2. Lush Green Strong Trees

      Typical characteristics of oil palm plantation after using Earth Foods Soil-Revitalizer


  • Healthy land to yield healthy crops


  • Appearance: The trees are stable, tall & strong with fruitful yield.


  • Tough and strong leaves open & spread widely like giant umbrellas providing the best shelter and canopy for various microorganisms on the ground.


  • The main purpose of growing stronger is to fight against the diseases.


  • Results: There has NEVER been any outbreak of Ganoderma diseases (biggest enemies of oil palm) in this plantation.

3. Plump Fruit with High Oil Content

      Typical characteristics of oil palm plantation after using Earth Foods Soil-Revitalizer


  • Ecological planting principle emphasized by EF Technology:  To have a "fair exchange" deal with the land.


  • By providing the land with the best varieties of organic nutrients, the well-nourished land will in return rewards the farmers with bountiful harvest.


  • You can observe how plump & big these oil palm fruits are! The palm oil has squeezed out immediately in a single “scratching & squeezing” leaving the fingers with greasy feeling.


  • According to the experimental data report, these oil palm fruits contain very high antioxidant substances to keep them from acidification up to four days. The OER has also increased significantly by more than 10-15%.

Picture 1: The three-year-old young palm trees with Earth Foods has grown into such strong figures. How amazing it is! The strong oil palm trees on this piece of vibrant land reflects the strong biological protection barrier within the plantation.


Picture 2&3: Yet our neighbor plantation has been attacked by bagworms frequently. Majorities of their palm leaves has been wiped off by insects and turn into "fishbones“ shape. In contrast, our plantation are being well protected from pests.

  • The seven-year-old huge tree is capable enough to carry the maximum weight of fruit bunches.


  • The oil palm fruits are big in size and oily in texture and most importantly free from diseases and pest attack.

Other Crops

Earth Foods has gained success in various crops plantation.

*Please contact us for more Earth Foods successful case studies.

6. New Era of Phyto-immunology


  • Focusing on the all-time mutating TR4 viruses is a never-ending race.


  • Instead, we choose to focus on plant inner immune system as the core direction of our plantation.


  • Strengthen the plant itself is the smartest way to build up the natural barriers to fight against various diseases.