Church combating the covid-19 Pandemic


Combating the Covid-19 Pandemic

Because of the explosive Covid-19 outbreak in South Korea, the enigmatic & controversial religious sect, XinTianDi church in Daegu, was the perfect experimental petri dish for coronavirus. The general public was alienated because of their strange and secretive ways of religious gatherings as well as their irresponsible attitude towards the crisis. On the other hand, the traditional church has practiced a pragmatic and responsible approach. They have cancelled crowd gatherings and converted to online church services in order to establish a safe environment with low, general public viral infection rates. _____

The church is usually a place of large gatherings, as are schools. During the outbreak of Covid-19, large-scale gatherings were cancelled and replaced, instead, with online sermons and gatherings. During this period, a new norm has appeared. By encouraging members to set up family altars with fathers, as the head of the family, leading the whole family to a peaceful, spiritually rich life.

According to the report by WHO, Covid-19 can be transmitted through droplets.

When the carrier is coughing or sneezing, his nasal mucus, sputum, and saliva will spread onto surfaces like handrails, door handles, elevator buttons and coins etc.

These viruses can survive for several hours and up to several days and at the same time others will touch the surface accidentally. This can be potentially dangerous, as the pathogens on their hands may possibly enter their  bodies through the mucous membranes of their     mouths, eyes and noses and this will subsequently lead to Covid-19 infections.

The church has taken the initiative of applying NanoEL AB antimicrobial and antivirus coating to all the object surfaces which are frequently and constantly touched by the public in daily life. The coated surfaces will be protected from microbes and viruses for at least one year.

A church volunteer has highlighted these observations: "Many elders and children come to worship the Lord during our church services. We knew that the elderly are the largest victim group of Covid-19 infections. Therefore, this ongoing, daily preventative measure is as important as the disinfections conducted during an emergency."

"The main door handle of the main entrance is the most touched surface by every member that comes in and out of the church. Therefore it is the key area for applying NanoEL AB coating. Our church has enough washing facilities to encourage members to wash their hands frequently. Also by wearing face masks daily, the risk of being infected is significantly reduced."

Photo: The Church is a public place with many entrances and exits. Each door, handle, and glass surface have become the main target to apply NanoEL AB coating.

"The effectiveness of NanoEL AB will remain for at least one year with just ONE application. It is very convenient, with substantial labour & cost savings. NanoEL AB coating has the important characteristic of enhancing surface hardness with water-repellent and anti-fouling properties. It also facilitates the easy maintenance of the church’s public property and equipment and prolongs their service life."

Photo: Staircase rails, tables, chairs and elevator buttons etc. can be coated with NanoEL AB to radically reduce the survival rate of the virus.

"Whilst there is no major on-going event now, we took this opportunity to apply NanoEL AB coating. We now have a one-year microbe and virus free environment.      It only took a morning to finish the coating which is now really great and very efficient!"

"We have no way to control the viruses from external sources. But at least we can ensure that the internal church building is a safe environment where the microbes and viruses are unlikely to multiply or survive."

"We wanted to guarantee that no one gets infected with the virus from our church as well as ensuring that no viruses can be transmitted to the external environment of our church."

"It is our Church’s responsibility to ensure the safety of our society and our country. And this, of course, is our main reason and purpose in applying NanoEL AB."