Extraordinary physical antimicrobial mechanism


Extraordinary physical antimicrobial mechanism

A gentle way to protect the human race from potentially dangerous viruses now and in the future _____

Judging by the extent of the rapid spread of the Novel Corona Virus worldwide pandemic, we foresee that the human race will need to co-exist with various viruses now and in the near future.

Traditional antibacterial coatings have become the first choice of product to be utilized in daily life.

Have you ever thought of whether or not these various antibacterial coatings are safe enough to apply? Are they safe enough for daily human exposure?

The majority of antibacterial paints and coatings found in the market are produced by adding germicides to the coating raw materials.

The coating material itself contains various solvents resulting in the release of volatile chemical components, such as, formaldehyde, vinyl chloride, benzene, hydrogen chloride, phenols and other harmful gases into the environment. More than fifty different kinds of organic substances, such as, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, and acetone, which are harmful to humans, can be detected in a newly renovated and painted room. Such coating additives may also contain heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic and manganese etc. which endanger human health and are not suitable for long-term and continual inhalation.

Formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, o-phthalaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, iodophor are among the most common germicides. The human body does not favour these substances. Many new antibacterial coatings claimed that their germicides are un-harmful to humans, yet it requires long-term environmental and health observations and studies to confirm their statements.

KhaiEL is an “eco-green technology” based company which has developed ecological sustainable farming for many years. There is no doubt that this newly launched NanoEL AB antimicrobial & antiviral nano coating is also being developed in-line with the environmental and health protection principles that KhaiEL is renowned for.

NanoEL AB is a water-based antimicrobial & antiviral nano-coating with no harmful solvents, like formaldehyde, whatsoever.

It does not contain germicides or other sterilization components like silver ions or copper.

The microbes and virus inhibition mechanism of NanoEL AB coating is unique. It can be applied to any hard surface. This silicon-based nano-coating will form spiky surfaces after curing. It kills the bacteria and viruses by piercing them to death. This is an extremely safe physical sterilization mechanism.

NanoEL AB is a silicon (a harmless substance commonly found in sand and glass) based coating which is suitable for use in the home environment. Be it in the kitchen, the baby room or bedroom. It greatly reduces the dangerous effects of viruses towards humans and ensures a clean and safe environment for everyone.

Most importantly, the effectiveness of NanoEL AB will last for up to one year. The chances of bacterial reproduction and virus survival can be reduced significantly for 365 days after just one simple application. This is a gentle way for humans to be fully protected from viruses now and in the future.