Korean Restaurant combating the covid-19 Pandemic​


The great fighting and team spirit amongst the Korean people is not only seen in the World Cup every four years. The same fighting spirit has been shown once again and strongly demonstrated in combating the Covid-19  pandemic.


Since 21st February 2020, South Korea was hit by an explosive wave of cases that made it the largest outbreak outside of China. However, their achievement in combating Covid-19 is the most prominent. They have turned the original pandemic chaotic situation in the country to a controlled situation within a very short   period of time with minimum costs.

To our surprise, South Korea spent less than three weeks to effectively control the pandemic condition and lower the rising curve of cases to steady state. We have noticed that the unique feature in this combat have come from their active cooperation and participation in the fight.

At the same time, they utilized the highest technology and taken advantage of tracking with CCTV cameras, mobile phones and vehicles GPS, credit card data and so on.

South Korea has achieved the screening of some 20,000 people per day. In total, 220,000 tests were done within a short period with more than 7,000 infected cases found and 29,000 people being quarantined. South Korea has effectively confined the pandemic and has become one of the few countries in the world which was able to conduct massive testing.

In addition to this, the remarkable success is also closely related to the high sense of unity amongst the Korean people. The interest of whole nation was paramount.  The citizens unified and became highly cooperative with the government's policies in combating the pandemic.

The Korean private sector also foresees the future. The new norm is to coexist with the virus. Virus prevention will become a necessary measure in everyday life after recovering from this pandemic.

Seoul Restaurant

A restaurant owner in Seoul has taken pragmatic action.

According to the restaurant owner:

"Our restaurant is a good dining place for people to socialize, enjoy good food and communicate with each other. We are very aware that droplets become airborne during chatting. Food and drink residues on the tables serve as a breeding ground for bacteria. The only thing we can do is do our best to clean the table and other surfaces regularly. We can only regard it as a basic hygiene level of cleanliness when we are able to maintain the anti-virus effect continuously for 24 hours.”

“Our workforce in the restaurant was already overloaded in running the business. In line with the enforced anti-viral measures, we needed to disinfect the restaurant daily in addition to our regular cleaning. This has indirectly increased our workload and exposed us to the inhalation of excessive chemical substances on a long term basis. This is our main concern.”

“Right now, I would prefer to apply NanoEL AB antimicrobial and antiviral coating. It is a high technology eco-green coating product. It guarantees a one-year microbe and virus free effect in just one simple application with no specific disinfection or cleaning work required afterwards.”

“Even better, the NanoEL AB coating has hydrophobic properties. The coated tabletop will not get dirty easily and become very easy to clean. With the bacteria colonies in the restaurant also reduced, residual odours and smells are significantly reduced.. 

The process of applying NanoEL AB anti-virus coating is very simple. You do not need to close your business for the coating procedure purposes. You only need to conduct the NanoEL AB coating after the daily regular cleaning task has been done immediately after closing time. It will never interrupt your business operation. You can enjoy a sterile, safe working environment for both staff and customers alike on the next business day. 

For hard surface, 2 treatment procedures are required.

Step 1: Cleaning and degreasing with NanoEL AB Primer

Step 2: Coating with NanoEL AB

These two simple steps combine to form an extraordinarily strong surface coating layer.

It is possible to maintain a long term low bacterial count because the microbes cannot survive on nano-spiky coated surfaces.

The unique NanoEL AB coating increases the surface hardness of the table tops, cabinets and tools in the restaurant and they become more resistant to micro-scratches therefore prolonging the service life of the furniture and fittings.