NanoEL Safeguard Revealed


Post Covid-19 Pandemic.

The New Future Norm For Virus Prevention

In the post-pandemic era, we predict that there will be many different germicidal and disinfectant brands emerging on the world market. "Antivirus" has become the new norm in our lives with daily media exposure. Therefore, the virus eliminating process must be "invisible, harmless and safe, as well as saving time and effort. _____ KhaiEL has the ability to develop numerous anti-viral products. This is due to its’ wide chemical background and experience in German and in South Korea.

  • Non-toxic, low-toxicity and eco-friendly green products.

  • Physical antimicrobial (antiviral) products to replace chemical disinfectants (virus killers).

  • Must possess both antimicrobial and antiviral functions.

  • Specific targeting: In addition to general bacteria and viruses, it is targeted to inhibit the recent outbreaks of H1N1 and Covid-19.

  • Maintenance & worry-free: Scheduled or regular disinfection completely eliminated.

  • Long term effect: Long lasting effect for at least one year.

  • Detectable: (i) Does the invisible coating layer remain intact? (ii) Does the antimicrobial effect stay active? Both can be proven scientifically.

KhaiEL has over 20 years experience in chemical research and development. We can customize different types of products according to different “timeframe” requirements:

  1. Powerful products for emergencies, instant sterilization and viral elimination:

  2. Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is a strong antimicrobial product to be used in emergencies. (HOCL can also be used for washing food products)

  3. We can also produce Hydrogen Peroxide. (not only for its antimicrobial properties but also for use as a deodorant.)

(2)Long lasting antimicrobial coating:

  • This is a special physical antimicrobial product. Its effect can last for at least one year with just one simple application.

  • Of course, we can also develop other different product grades with up to 3-months or 6-month antimicrobial effects.

  • However, we believe that "anti-virus" will become the new norm in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to create an "auto-antivirus" or “fully permanent antivirus” environment.

  • This NanoEL AB coating which provide antimicrobial & antivirus effect for at least one year has been designed as a colourless, harmless, odourless, invisible, and transparent nano-coating. It can be applied to any hard or absorbent surface to create a physical barrier to microbes & viruses. This killing mechanism makes it almost impossible for them survive and accumulate.

We are completely different from other germicides on the market today. KhaiEL is very aware and therefore cares about the changes that will happen to the life styles of humans & their different cultures in the near future. NanoEL AB technology has fulfilled the human race’s new norm in "preventing viruses". This has become KhaiEL's main market positioning now and in the future.