Physical Cure vs Physical Kill


(Combating Covid-19 Crisis - Action in South Korea)

The Physical Therapy clinic is seeking the best “physical barrier” solution to eliminate the coronavirus _____

The unifying spirit amongst Korean Nations was made fully aware during the pre-pandemic period in March 2020. The responsible behaviour of its’ citizen and their full cooperation with the government on various pre-pandemic measures. Koreans were also actively involved in minimizing the survival rate of viruses in their own working environment by using a variety of new technology products.

Apart from the basic daily disinfection measures, the Head of the Physiotherapy Department was eagerly seeking for a mild and durable antimicrobial & antivirus solution which would last for up to one year. Therefore, she has taken the initiative of introducing NanoEL AB to important facilities in hospitals.

We cannot deny that the human body is a significant mobile carrier of billions of microorganisms. We are spreading the bacteria, viruses, and pathogens everywhere without even being aware of it.

“Hygiene is the top priority and principal mission to be implemented fully during this coronavirus crisis”. This comment made by the manager of The Oriental Medical Clinic in Bucheon-si town, Gyunggi-province. This was highlighted on 4th March 2020.

“As physical therapists, we are exposed to frequent and direct contact with skin during our treatments. Our equipment needs to be wiped clean after use. We have to wash very regularly, cleaning and covering up any open skin or cut. We have to frequently change bed sheets and blankets and wash our uniforms…”

“We cannot repeatedly apply too many chemical disinfectants on work surfaces at short intervals. overdosing will, for sure, cause allergic reactions to patients and will also be harmful to our respiratory system”

For these main reasons, NanoEL AB is the best antivirus weapon in our work environment due to its highly effective antiviral mechanism. It creates nano sized sharp spikes on the coated surface which then “stab” the coronavirus to death. It is therefore obviously that this is a “physical method of killing the viruses”.

Naturally and sensibly, we began the NanoEL AB coating process at the main entrance. This was done to create a “virus-free-carpet or flooring” to ensure that your bare feet do not make contact with any microorganism or viruses before putting on the slippers.

The receptionist’s desk top is the primary target to be protected with NanoEL AB.

Even a pen or pencil should be targeted to minimize the risk of virus infection.

All machines, hardware and equipment.

All potentially touchable electronic devices. A simple & easy rubbing and coating procedure is all that is required.

All devices with screens, control panels are being coated with NanoEL AB

The coating of all surfaces that could possibly come-into-contact with skin should be done.

We make sure that every part of the equipment is coated with the NanoEL AB antivirus layer to ensure zero chances for coronavirus retention.We make sure that every part of the equipment is coated with the NanoEL AB antivirus layer to ensure zero chances for coronavirus retention.We make sure that every part of the equipment is   coated with the NanoEL AB antivirus layer to ensure zero chances for coronavirus retention.

Yes, even mouse devices, keyboards, monitors, computers and any computer related device and accessories can be coated with NanoEL AB

NanoEL AB has proven its’ functionality to eliminate Coronavirus and H1N1 effectively by the accredited, specialized professional laboratory, Eurovir Hygiene-Laboratory in Luckenwalde, Germany. NanoEL AB helps The Oriental Medical Clinic greatly in maintaining a Covid-19 free environment.

How about the puffy, fluffy bear??

No problem, we have developed NanoEL AB Absorbent for all types of fabrics, cottons, leathers, and soft surfaces.

Things like pillowcases, sheets and blankets will become virus-free after coating with NanoEL AB Absorbent. The antivirus effect will, however, decline after 10 washing cycles and should be re-applied again.

Virus-free sofas and chairs in the waiting area can also be easily treated. Visitors and patients can sit and relax with complete peace of mind.

Do not miss the drinking water dispenser! Most microorganisms love to live, multiply and therefore survive on moist surfaces.

Herbal medicine storage cabinets are another important application

NanoEL AB is a silicon-based coating with antimicrobial and antivirus properties, no other chemical germicides are added during the production. Furthermore, it is a waterborne coating hence carry zero risk to emit chemical substances to the surroundings.

A Physical Therapy Clinic use the “Physical-Kill” to combat the coronavirus. What a coincidence!