Spiky Mountain


Antimicrobial 'Tsingy' Peaks

An unfavourable place for microbes and viruses

Imagine how precarious the situation is when replacing the human in the photo with microbes or viruses to stand on such magnificent spiky mountain to put them under the threat of death!


Such terrible and frightening scenes of spiky mountains may only appear in myths, fairy tales or in our imaginations.

Unbelievable as it may seem, there is such a place. It is the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park in Madagascar. Standing in front of this world-renowned Spiky Mountains, the ragged multi-storied rocks with razor sharp uneven surfaces, serrated limestone pillars shooting up to 100 metres in height, a mountainous terrain complete with sinkholes, fissures, caves and spires are indeed an awesome sight.

This description may be appropriate as there are very limited organism species found in this “Stoney Forest”, even the tough "gable plants" can barely survive here.

Unsurprisingly these are the unique spiky features created by the NanoEL AB coating in the microbial world.

Nano-scale needles resembling the Bemaraha spiky mountains, is formed when NanoEL AB is applied to any surface. All bacteria, microbes and viruses cannot withstand these spiky surfaces. As they roll around fighting for survival, they will either be pierced to death or dry up and die and eventually die off completely, unable to multiply.

The microbe and virus inhibition mechanism of NanoEL AB coating is unique. It can be applied to any surface. This silicon-based nano-coating will form a spiky surface after curing. This physical way of killing microbes and viruses is the most important innovation since the invention of chemically based disinfectants a hundred years ago. NanoEL AB antimicrobial & anti-viral coating is natural, safe, and causes no side effects to mankind.

The laboratory test reports have also proven that NanoEL AB  shows excellent test results for H1N1 and coronavirus.

The NanoEL AB  coated surface can effectively eliminate bacteria, fungi, and viruses for more than one-year.