The Invisible Revealed


NanoEL AB is a colourless, invisible, antimicrobial antiviral nano-coating. Some users may have questioned, is the coating materials is attached to the substrate surface? Will the antimicrobial & antiviral effect remain active? Science reveals all!


Many new brands of germicide and disinfectant have been launched into market during this outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some brands claim that their antibacterial effect can last up to 3 months and some even up to 6 months. How can these claims be proven?

KhaiEL has developed a special blue Ink tester that proves the presence of our NanoEL AB antimicrobial & antivirus coating.

Blue Ink tester proves the coating layer is fully functional.

Testing Ink proves the functionality of the NanoEL AB coating

Simple and easy comparison test:

(1) Prepare a hard board

(2) Draw a centre line

(3) Coat the right side and allow to dry

(4) Left side remains uncoated

(5) Drip a few drops of the test Ink on each side of the hard board.

Wait for a few seconds....

Using clean tissue paper or cloth wipe the test ink off.

The NanoEL AB coated surface on the right will appear light blue. The non-coated surface on the left will remain colourless.

*The ink tester cannot be removed from the surface completely and the tested spot will lose its antimicrobial & antivirus effect. So, it is recommended to test only on small area with ink tester.

The purpose of using the test ink:

  1. Short-term proof of functionality:

Used to prove the presence of the NanoEL AB coating layer immediately after the areas with highest hygiene requirement have been coated successfully.

  1. Unscheduled inspection: Drip a few drops of the test ink onto the coated surface to inspect whether or not the coating is still present e.g. after one month, three months or one year after the initial coating.

  2. Extend the functionality period: Some surfaces are relatively clean with less wear & tear. By using the test ink test every 6 months or every year, the blue marker may still be seen clearly, even up to two or three years. This will indicate that the coating is still present and functional, therefore 2nd coating layer is not required at the point of testing. This can result in a substantial cost saving.

Apart from proving the presence of the coated layer how can we prove the antimicrobial & antiviral effect of the coating? Proven Laboratory Results: Of course, it can be done! KhaiEL has the test report from a German laboratory proving that it can inhibit H1N1 virus and Coronavirus. Outside the laboratory: After applying NanoEL AB at home for a period of time, you can make the test yourself with this simple Microbial Test Kit.

This is a special Test Kit designed to collect microorganism samples.

Gently rub the Test Kit sensor strip on the NanoEL AB coated surface in order to collect the microorganisms.

Insert the Test Kit strip into the electronic analysis instrument.

Insert the Test Kit strip into the electronic analysis instrument.

How to use this on-site Microbial Test Kit?

Comparison experiment:

Some people may want to determine whether or not NanoEL AB has antibacterial & antivirus effect through a small test prior to applying NanoEL AB in large areas. In this case, you can choose to apply the test on two small hard plates: one plate is coated with NanoEL AB whilst the other is without the coating. Conduct the microbial test to compare the results after a short period of time. (Some retention time is needed to allow the microorganisms to fully reproduce).

Tracking the NanoEL AB functionality: You can keep track of the antimicrobial effect of NanoEL AB after the initial application by testing at weekly, monthly, six monthly and annual intervals.

Inspections in excess of one year: For example, if it is found that the NanoEL AB coating still antimicrobially active after one year then the test kit can be used on an ongoing basis. This means that it is not always necessary to apply NanoEL AB for a 2nd time after one year.

If the antimicrobial effect is found to be decreasing after two years then you can reapply NanoEL AB coating to obtain another minimum one year of protection.

The most important fact is that NanoEL AB can now claim to be the only product on the global market that can unequivocally and scientifically prove its’ "presence" and "functionality".