Dr. Tee Chong Siang



Dr. Wong Hann Ling (FSc)

To establish and optimize tissue culture procedures for large-scale mass production of planting materials for bananas.

Project 1:

Tissue culture of banana

Dr. Wong Hann Ling



Dr. Loh Pek Chin (FSc)

To optimize beneficial microorganisms for promoting banana plant growth and development.

Project 2:

Promotion of banana growth and development

Dr. Wong Wey Lim



Dr Clement Wong Kiing Fook

To reduce the use of chemicals in banana plantation for sustainable banana production by developing effective biocontrol approaches.

Project 3:

Biocontrol of pests in banana

Dr. Loh Pek Chin



Dr. Wong Hann Ling (FSc)

To control fungal and bacterial diseases in banana using beneficial microorganisms.

Project 4:

Biocontrol of diseases in banana

Dr. Mohammed JK Bashir (FEGT)


Dr. Sumathi Sethupathi (FEGT)

To generate nutrient rich biochar fertilizer from banana plantation waste and palm oil mill effluent for banana plantation and soil bioremediation.

Project 5:

Generation of biochar fertilizer for banana plantation soil bioremediation

Dr. Teoh Yi Peng



Dr. Yeoh Wei Ming (FEGT),

Dr. Ooi Zhong Xian (FSc)

To recycle banana plantation waste for making biodegradable banana bagging bag and nursery plantation bag.

Project 6:

Recycling of banana plantation waste

Dr. Goh Hock Guan



Dr. Liew Soung Yue (FICT)

Dr. Ooi Boon Yaik (FICT)

To develop an integrated IoT platform to monitor soil and environmental parameters for optimizing crop production and use Big Data Analytics and Cloud computing to map crop growth, predict yield and disease onset.

Project 7:

Crop growth and disease monitoring using IoT and Data Analytics

Dr. Sin Jin Chung



Dr. Lam Sze Mun (FEGT),

Dr. Ong Yit Thai (FEGT)

To develop field-deployable soil heavy metal assessment procedure for plantation.

Project 8:

Soil heavy metal assessment

Dr. Ong Mei Kying



Dr. Ee Kah Yaw (FSc),

Dr. Chang Ying Ping (FSc)

To evaluate the effects of biofertilizers on banana fruit post-harvest storage shelf life, nutritional composition, physicochemical quality health-promoting properties, and organoleptical quality.

Project 9:

Functional food analysis

Dr. Loh Pek Chin



Mr. Ng Wen Jie (FSc)

To analyse the biological and therapeutic effects of stingless bee honey.

Project 10:

Analysis of stingless bee honey for therapeutic properties

The following are our R&D projects and the responsible scientist in Malaysia:


Research and Development

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Malaysia is unique tropical rainforest climate, rich in biodiversity, long duration of sunshine, abundant rain, hot and humid climate are very suitable for research and development of biotechnology. Therefore, KhaiEL Malaysia mainly for microbial research, agricultural planting, breeding and virous types of ecological research.

KhaiEL is an innovative process research and development company belonging to the 21st Century. In order to implement the business philosophy of process sharing, a lot of money and time are invested in research and development every year. At least three to five new processes are introduced every year, or the old process is replaced by an updated process. That is the direction we are going.

KhaiEL Malaysia primary partner is University Tunku Abdul Rahman UTAR, in Kampar. The UTAR has an experienced team of professors as the core in both teaching and academic research, and the spirit of a scientist full of innovation and assisted KhaiEL no less than 10 research projects.

Hence, Earth Foods, the craft brand of KhaiEL Malaysia ecological agriculture, beside of providing a series of products such as land remediation agents that can replace chemical fertilizers, in terms of planting, KAH (AgroHub) is a planting exhibition area for EF crafts mainly bananas, and follow by other commercial crops, it also develops different methods to defeat disease from pest, by using biological control methods, microorganisms, improve immune system of plant as the main direction.

Now with the help of solid research and development strength, KhaiEL has developed from the cultivation of agricultural products and crops to food technology, from fresh banana production, developing unique processing and manufacturing, and advanced to the international new favourite banana powder products and developing culture stingless bee. In the same time, it also develops concentrated production technology and studies its medicinal value. There still a lot of research and development on ecology, microorganisms, planting and food in the future.