ELAN met SMF-1

Specialist for Mercury (Hg)

ELANmet SMF-1 was specially developed for Mercury. As an inorganic mercury stabilizer, it reacts with mercury cations (Hg2 2+, Hg 2+) as well as elemental Mercury (Hg 0) and stabilizes them into stable, non-toxic mercury sulfide.


  •  High stabilization of all types of mercury (ionic and elemental)

  • Suitable for almost all pH-Value (<1-9)

  • Building insoluble (5.4 * 10 -49 g/l ) and thermal stable (up to 300°C) nontoxic HgS

  • No corrosion from H2S

  • Non-toxic and environmental friendly

  • Low investment and simple application


  • Waste incineration

  • Sewage sludge incineration Power plant

  • Environmental (remediation soil,groundwater)


Natural coagulant to replace PAC

ELAN Clear N is a group of natural cationic organic polymer. We founded it from the herbal extraction, which owns an excellent coagulant function. It is natural and bring no harm to the mankind and environment. With its brilliant performance, we see a good opportunity to maintain 0.8 the treatment effectiveness and to protect our own environment.


  • Natural and safe

  • Do not consume alkalinity to reduce pH value of the medium,   no additional pH adjustment

  • Remain the conductivity of treated water, without adding metals like Aluminum, Iron or anions like chlorides and sulfates, bring Protection against corrosion.

  • Optimal function under broader range of pH value

  • Remain the dewatering properties for the following sludge    treatment 


  • Drinking water treatment

  • Dairy beverage industry

  • Food industry

  • Ceramic industry

Reduction Rate


Organic emulsion splitting

ELAN Split is a highly efficient organic splitter, which can effectively split the oil in emulsion. Due to its instantaneous yet dependable performance, it can be widely used to meet the requirements of various applications. The principle of splitting is the reaction between ELANsplit and the anionic emulsifier. As a result, the emulsion becomes unstable and the oil gets separated from the water easily.

Cost Advantages with other treatment


  • High performance reduction of oil in the water > 90%

  • No increase of conductivity / salt built-up

  • Up to 70% reduction of oil sludge amount and reclaim costs

  • Low investment costs and easy application

  • Flexibility in combination with other after treatments

  • Nature based product and more environmental-friendly,   no additional pollution

Customer reference

ELAN Clear

Special coagulant for weak emulsion & oil containing waste water

ELANclear is designed especially for weak emulsion and oil containing waste water. In comparison to the Aluminum based coagulant, it shows a better performance against oil. It could be used as secondary treatment of the split water from waste emulsion. Beside this, it could also be used directly for treatment of weak emulsion and oil containing waste water.


  • Automotive industry

  • Industrial Laundry

  • Train/car washing 

  • Food industry


The ELANclear can create a big surface and a solid structure of sludge, which will improve the flotation speed and effectiveness. The better quality of sludge leads to a better performance of sludge dewatering.

ELAN met

Heavy metal removal

ELANmet is based on inorganic polymeric sulfuric compounds. It catches heavy metals in the wastewater and builds very insoluble metal sulfide which can be easily precipitated afterwards with no risk to resolubility. ELANmet simplified the traditional Hydroxide precipitation and minimized investment and maintenance cost compared to physical-chemical process such as membrane-filtration.


  • Flue gas scrubber

  • Waste incineration

  • Power plant

  • Electronic, chemical industry 

  • Battery manufacture

Reduction Rate